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Contempt of Court Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee

Make Sure Court Orders Are Followed

File a Petition for Contempt of Court in Family Law Cases in Nashville, Tennessee

Has your ex-spouse failed to comply with child support or custody orders? Make sure they are held accountable by filing a petition for contempt. Contact me, Cynthia J. Bohn Attorney at Law, today to file a petition for contempt of court in any family law cases.

I have dedicated my career to serving families and children locked in legal battles. Never let someone else off the hook for ignoring a court ruling. Call my office today for legal assistance while filing a petition for contempt of court in Nashville, Tennessee.

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What Are the Typical Consequences for Contempt of Court?

Scales of Justice There are two main types of contempt: criminal and civil. Criminal contempt occurs when someone violates a court order in which he or she has the ability to perform the order. In civil contempt, the party has the ability to purge themselves of the violation of the court order. Both can result in:

  • Parenting Rights

  • Judgment for money owed

  • Required court-supervised visitation

  • Monetary fines

  • 10 Days in Jail for each Violation of the court order

In some cases, contempt of court in family law cases can lead to criminal charges and jail time. Contact me today to discuss your options in Nashville, Tennessee.