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Contested Divorce Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee

You may have heard the stats on how 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. But that doesn't make getting one any easier. Their commonality isn't comforting; the only common thing about divorce is how alone it can make someone feel.  

Even when it's for the best, divorce is never easy. You need an attorney who understands that this is likely one of the most challenging times in your life. As your divorce lawyer, I believe it's my role to provide unwavering support, clear communication, and personalized guidance — in addition to skilled legal representation. At Cynthia J. Bohn Attorney at Law, my goal is to create a safe, supportive environment where you can express your concerns and fears without judgment. 

I've found that this approach is essential in contested divorce cases, as my clients often come to me with a high level of emotional turmoil. If you anticipate your divorce to be a messy one, with disagreements over property, custody, child support, or any other issues, I'm here to help.

Contact my law firm in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss your situation during a free consultation. I proudly represent individuals and families across Davidson County, Sumner County, Wilson County, and Rutherford County. 

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What Is a Contested Divorce? 

A contested divorce occurs when spouses cannot agree on key issues such as child custody, alimony, or asset division. Unlike an uncontested divorce (where both parties are in agreement), a contested divorce often requires court intervention.  

Thus, contested divorces are known to be emotionally draining and time-consuming, often leading to higher legal costs. Their uncontested counterpart may seem like the sunnier option, but it's not always feasible. In cases with power imbalances between spouses, significant disagreements, or when one party is unwilling to negotiate, a contested divorce is completely necessary. 

During a contested divorce, various issues can be disputed, including:  

It's crucial to gather all necessary evidence, present compelling arguments, and navigate the legal process with professionalism to achieve a favorable outcome. As an experienced family law attorney, I'm here to guide you through everything while protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests. 

The Contested Divorce Legal Process 

The legal process of a contested divorce can be complex, involving several stages.  

  1. It typically starts with one spouse filing a petition for divorce, outlining the grounds for divorce and desired outcomes regarding child custody, support, and property division.  

  1. This is followed by a discovery phase, where both parties exchange relevant information and documentation. This might include financial records, property valuations, or any other evidence related to the contested issues. 

  1. If an agreement can't be reached through negotiation or mediation, the case proceeds to court. Here, each party presents their arguments, evidence, and witnesses, and a judge makes decisions on the contested issues.  

  1. Once the court makes its decisions, a final divorce decree is issued outlining the terms of the divorce. It's crucial to have your attorney review the decree to ensure it correctly reflects the court's rulings and protects your rights. 

Navigating a contested divorce can be an arduous journey, but with careful preparation, professional legal guidance, and a clear understanding of the process, you'll be able to make the trek with confidence. 

Your Divorce Attorney's Role 

As a divorce attorney, my role in a contested divorce case is multifaceted and crucial to the outcome. I strive to provide both skilled legal representation and compassionate guidance throughout the process. Here's a breakdown of my responsibilities: 

  • Navigating Tennessee divorce laws and regulations. 

  • Explaining residency requirements for Tennessee divorces. 

  • Choosing appropriate grounds for divorce. 

  • Protecting your rights. 

  • Representing you in court. 

  • Negotiating differences outside of court

  • Expediting the process. 

  • Providing guidance and unwavering support. 

In a nutshell, as your attorney, my role is to stand by your side, providing the necessary legal information and emotional support to make the process run as smoothly as possible. No matter what questions or concerns you have at any point in the process, I'm here to provide the answers and advice you need. You don't have to go through this alone — contact me today to set up a time to talk about your legal rights and options. 

Contested Divorce Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee

As an experienced Nashville divorce lawyer, I am committed to advocating for your best interests. I understand the overwhelming nature of a contested divorce and the strain it can place on your life and loved ones. My aim is to guide you through the process, communicating about every issue and preparing you for every step. I believe in offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique circumstances and needs, and I'm ready to help you seek your best outcome. Contact my firm for a free consultation.